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The Family Tree was founded in the spring 2009 A.D. by a bunch of guys from southwest Finland who all share a passion for classic, ageless hard rock. After listening to - and playing for that matter, too, in different line-ups - great bands like Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Rainbow, we decided to do something differently this time. Not just a DP or 'snake tribute band. But a tribute to the whole golden era of catchy riffs and strong melodies, the common denominator being defined as "anything connected to Deep Purple". And so, Family Tree was born.

In addition to a good taste of music, we all have reasonable backgrounds in the music scene. So rest assured that we won't let ourselves or the audience get off easy. Don't expect us to play Smoke on the Water or Here I Go Again. Yeah, you can count on some cozy (R.I.P) rallies known by the general public, but there'll be also number of surprise turns and rarities your probably never expected anyone ever perform.

Viiden muusikon bändi joissa kaikilla paljon keikkakilometrejä takana – eli omistautuminen on taattu. Family Tree ei ole mikään projekti-bändi, vaan intohimo kaikille soittajilleen.


* Michael Henneken (Vox)
* Kimmo Rintanen (Guitar)
* Markku Tuomela (Bass)
* Mikael Jaatinen (Keys)
* Jari Wartiainen (Drums)


Huhtikuussa olimme PSOF:n (Perfect Strangers of Finland Ry.) kevätkokouksessa illan bändinä, tässä referaatti puheenjohtaja Kaikkosen jäsenille lähteneestä kirjeestä:


Illan bändinä oli Family Tree, joka soitti kaksi settiä. Keikka alkoi yhdentoista aikaa ja viimeinen ralli ...

Katso kuvaus...

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In the spirit of Deep Purple

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