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Brass Monkeys are a recently-formed rock band based in the Helsinki area.

All three members are highly skilled multi-instrumentalists and each has toured and recorded widely in Finland, Europe and beyond. Instead of taking the usual approach of churning out the 'Top 50' rock songs that every other band covers, Brass Monkeys look deeper into the songbook and present their interpretations of some often overlooked material. Some of these songs are simply too challenging and complex for the average band, but Brass Monkeys are not afraid to tackle difficult songs. Their sound is so full and varied that it's often hard to believe that it's only three guys playing. Steve Smith from the UK (guitar/vocals) has toured extensively in Europe and The Americas, both as a solo artist and as a member and leader of bands such as The Pumping Nads, Fuaim, The Diggers and Crunchy Frog.

Jukka Loikala (bass) was one of the founding members of Peer Günt and has toured and recorded with many other bands around Finland and abroad, including Libido, The Jalo Walamies Band, Dogbone and various dance bands. Kimmo Kosenius (drums) has played with pretty much everyone from Finland over the last 40 years. The list ...

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Steve Smith; laulu, kitara

Kimmo Kosenius;rummut

Jukka Loikala; Basso



In total, the band's members have been playing a wide range of musical styles for over 100 years.