Joonaksesta mainittua:

" Joonas Haavisto is one of the most talented pianists of his generation. " SPIEGEL (Nov 2016)

" You will have this guy's ECM album in the future! I'm especially pleased to find out about Haavisto, Lötjönen and Riippa because they are playing heartbreaking, really great, contemporary jazz." JazzMa (Jul 2017)

" Joonas Haavisto Trio is one of the best piano trios in Europe. " Sounds & Books (Nov 2016)

"Joonas Haavisto is a stunning pianist. Every tune sounds excellent!" Jazz Japan (Feb 2016)

"Latest masterpiece from the fast rising Nordic Star." Jazz Critiques Magazine (Mar 2016)

"This trio ́s real thrill lies in its unique balance and those breathtaking moments in their nuanced playing." CD Journal (Feb 2016)

" This debut set is a delight from start to finish. " ukvibe 4/5 (Nov 2013)
" A Finnish rising star Joonas Haavisto ́s new album magnetizes listeners. " Jazz Life (Feb 2016)

" Tunes are played with great clarity, sensitive touch and thoughtful use of space. His intelligent play impresses with lyrical and beautiful harmonization. " Intoxicate (Feb 2016)

" Joonas Haavisto Trio had a huge success when performing to the wider audience in one of the biggest jazz festivals, Tokyo Jazz Festival 2014. Japanese audience loves piano trio tradition and Joonas revealed us beautifully with his group what the Finnish jazz is about. " Yucari (Jul 2016)

" Joonas Haavisto ́s playing sounds excellent. His tunes give the listener a wide range of different atmospheres and styles without losing their stunning sound, which comes from playing many years together. " Hufvudstadsbladet (May 2016)

" Piano trio magic at its highest level. Three masters tights it together." Keskisuomalainen/Savon Sanomat 5/5 (Jun 2016)

" Their interplay creates an irresistible euphoria. " Ilkka/Pohjalainen 5/5 (Jul 2016)